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Historical Elegance: the Rolex Datejust

There are very few pieces of Horology that need little introduction. arguably a very little one in this case. The Rolex Datejust not only being one of the most impactful designs for its time, it is still if not stronger than ever, seeking the appraisal of most modern watch collectors and consumers. But why? We have to take it back to 1945 on Rolex’s 40th anniversary. Although only being offered in 18 K gold, it’s utility for the time was a marvel. Not only did it feature the Oyster case back making it one of the few water proof watches of its time, but it was its date feature which made it stand tallest amongst the crowd. Being the first of...

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Tissot Watch History

Bringing affordability to the Swiss watch industry Tissot as watch brand, is hard to miss on the dials of many watches in the market today. Not only it’s incredible more than one and a half centuries of history, but it’s frequent appearances on the wrists on many icons of the past and present have made it a relevant watch brand in the world of horology. These including Basketball player Tony Parker of Charlotte Hornets, Nascar's most famous female racer Danica Patrick ,even the Russian Czar Nicholas II and his royal court. In this article, Swiss Emporium's Anthony Lieu dissects the brand's history and relevance today,   How did Tissot come to be the brand it is today ? Well ironically one of...

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